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Hi there world citizens!

I started thinking of blogging ages ago, and ran various themed blogs which definitely didn’t work. The problem is I get tired of speaking about one single thing very easily, so here I am solving that problem by creating a mixed up blog.
First of all let me make a little presentation.

About me (in general). As you can see at my profile, I’m a spanish Model, Crafter, Fine Art student and Fashion lover. I live in Granada, where I was born, but I use to travel a lot . Maybe you know Granada, maybe you don’t. Anyway you should come, I consider it to be the most beautiful city in Spain (and believe me, I’m not saying this because it’s my hometown). It has really noticeable Arabic origins, which make it very special.

About travelling. My first grand travel had place when I was 6. My mom took me to the Sahara desert, which I consider the best trip in my life. Some years later (I think in 2002) my mom bought a nice motorhome so that we could travel a lot by spending just the minimum. The first years we went round Spain visiting loads of nice small towns , but then we got tired and started exploring the rest of Europe and some of Africa, up to 20 different countries!
Now I am always travelling. I’ve studied abroad with the Erasmus programme, and during my holidays, since 2 years ago, I work as a Cast Member in Disneyland Paris.

Now… here I am, back to studying until my new contract in Disneyland is signed (possibly during Easter 2013). Then I’ll come back again, but… not for long!

About crafts. I grew up watching Art Attack, and I think that was just the start of what I am today.

Now I make all kinds of stuff. From jewelry to notebooks, cardboard boxes or photo frames. In fact, I use to spend hours just thinking about what I’d love to do and which materials to use.

One year ago I learnt how to use my mom’s sewing machine, and I became a sewing addict, so you’ll see some sewing works in my blog – I promise!

About Fashion. I work as a model since 2011. I do catwalks, photography and advertising, and I just love it. I’ve melted with this fashion world and everyday I meet new designers, models and photogaphers around. I like being different and having a special style, I could say I am kind of a rocker, grunge hipster. I am a starting lookbooker.. have a look!

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